Tuesday, June 17, 2014

20 years ago few thought Bosnia and her people would survive, even fewer actually cared. She and her people did though against impossible odds. She survived and her people, even though scattered around the globe and starting over have survived and thrived. They have become incredible people who overcame incredible odds to bring life to communities that were once left for dead (St.Louis).... Bosnia...n Zmajevi overcame the same calamity and impossible odds. Just a few years ago it appeared the team would collapse, they were threatened with being kicked out of FIFA. Bosnia and her people once again faced the impossible and overcame and beat the odds once again. Bosnia has become one of the most feared teams in the world and took the favored Argentina to the brink today. There is nothing to be disappointed about the history, the result or the people. Bosnia and her people will continue to defy the odds and make the world believe in the impossible. Today was just the beginning for Bosnia, echoes of the past of the war, the '84 Olympics can be heard but this history is being written today, less than 20 years from the calamity, is just the beginning for Bosnia and her people. Thank you Zmajevi for showing the world that Bosnia and Herzigovina is here, it has always been here and it will be a power and a people to be reckoned with for all of history...Bosnia the strong, Bosnia the bold, Bosnia the metaphor. It is a metaphor for survival, for fearlessness, for overcoming incredible odds and defying the laws of history...Bosnia is Greatness...Thank you for being one of a kind, a diamond.