Friday, January 28, 2011


Welcome to my new Bosnia Blog! I have been an ardent supporter of a united Bosnia for almost twenty years and have been involved with many projects relating to the former Yugoslavia. Much of the work I have done relates to the wars that consumed Yugoslavia and Bosnia.
 What I found through my experiences is that Bosnia has a rich cultural tradition and a heritage of openness and kindness towards strangers rarely seen in the western world. As much as Bosnia can learn from us, we can learn from her. Being on the fault lines of cultural and religious empires has caused Bosnia much pain through it's history. However, these same experiences has given it's people a lust for life and a depth of experience few people get the chance to enjoy. Having a Bosnian friend is having a true friend for life.
This Blog will not only about the war in Bosnia, but the culture, people, natural beauty, political and social challenges facing this country in transition today.
I hope to give people a little bit of my experiences and insight into a small country of big people.
This Blog will be a dedication to the people who fought for and supported Bosnia from it's beginning to this day and most of all, the people I have met and shared so much with over the years.

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