Sunday, October 16, 2011

KK BOSNA ASA basketball preview for 2012 season!

KK BOSNA ASA is about to kick off the start of another season and it looks like it will be another struggle for them barring a miracle. They played about as well as you could expect last year in the KSBiH domestic league then in the final rounds just collapsed and ended up with a 2-8 record. They will hope to avoid relegation to D2 next year and the team is currently in pretty rough shape.
The team is now led by Hamdo Fraljak who has pretty good international experiance as a player and relied more on his brain than his physical skills to survive and have a long career. Hopefully this will translate in his ability to coach but only time will tell. Hamdo was just hired so he had no imput on the type of players he will coach or what kind of team was built. It looks like they will go with a 3 gaurd alignment and two forwards at the 4/5 position most of the time.
The team is gaurd heavy and lacking in the frontcourt with only one small forward and a combination four power forwards who will play the 4/5 positions. This is a recipe for disaster in my opinion and if a injury hits they will be in real trouble.
The real need is for the team to be privitized, along with the entire league. There are now only two genuine teams in the Bosniak area of the country KK Celik and KK Bosna and both are in terrible shape. It is embarrassing that the Croats have two well run and well funded teams in Siroki and Zrinjski and the Serbs as well and the Bosnians teams are being run like the rest of the country. Tuzla one of the largest cities in the country will not be represented at all this year (they have a team starting at the lowest level called OKK Tuzla).
These years are the darkest in the postwar era and much worse than the one from 1999 that got Drasko Prodanovic fired and players like Ermin Jazvin left the country.
They mention rebuilding for the future and yet the brightest Bosnian stars in Sarajevo Adnan Vrabac, Nedim Buza and Adi Zahiragic are not on the team. They did dispatch Ernad Mujcic who was held up as a player for the future even though if you saw him play you knew he didn't have that type of ability.


SG: 6'4" 21 Sven Smajlagic Bosniak who comes from Croatia hoping to finally live up to his ability, it seems this is unlikely to happen. The results in friendlies so far have not been good.

SG: 6'5" 21 Eldin Camdzic Eldin has some potential but his outside shooting is soo bad that it negates a lot of the good he can do on the court. If only he would work himself into a decent shooter he could really blossom into a nice player in Europe. We shall she how he looks this season.

SG: 6'3" 17 Edin Residovic The Bosnian version of Carlos Navarro (don't get too excited), he has led a lot of the youth teams in scoring. It seems to be his only real strength and he can shoot you out of games as well as into them. He is undisciplined and that appears to be the reason why he has been left off of the Bosnian youth teams so far.

SG: 6'4" 19 Armin Hot Not really sure what they have in Armin. He is a hard worker but is limited skill wise.

SG: 6'5" 21 Demir Kalic Not really sure who he is or what he is doing to be honest.

SG: 6'6" 26 Ramo Rizvic Recently signed he is the brother of Hasan Rizvic and was a bigtime prospect a few years ago in Slovenia. It didn't work out and he is back in Bosnia. He was the best player on KK Celik last year that included Ogjnen Kuzmic (young center who is now in Spain) and international Ivan Opacak. He is inconsistant in his shooting and that really can hurt you.


PG 6'3" 28 Sindis Demic A professional player who is limited but can help in a backup role. He may actually be a better PG than Dino who lacks some basic PG skills.

PG 6"2" 21 Arijan Radan A kid I have followed for years who just hasn't gotten much better and is very limited. (Has since be loaned to Vogosca)

PG 6'3" 21 Dino Hodzic He at one time was talked about in the same breath as Nihad Dedovic, he hasn't shown the same upside as Nihad but continues to improve. He should be a decent European player in another few years.


C 6'9" 37 Dzenan Rahimic A professional player who has a real hard time defending quality players. He gives maximal effort but is limited with athletic ability, explosivness and quickness.

C 6'10" 23 Edin Alispahic Fled the country as a teenager, declared himself Slovene and now is back in Bosnia after a serious knee injury robbed him of some of his athleticism and explosivness. He has some skills but is limited by injuries and athletic limitations after the injuries.

C 6'10" Esmir Guzonjic An interesting pickup a true paint player who is similar in some ways to Rahimic, he is a crafty post player who knows fundamentals and will help the team for sure. He played in US college and was the best player on KK Triland the last few years.


SF 6'8" 20 Alin Demic He was considered one of the brightest prospects in BiH a few years ago but has seen limited minutes and limited development. This is the year for him to regain some of that previous shine.


PF 6'9" 20 Nermin Buza A hard working lunchpail player, not as talented as his ultra prospect younger brother (Nedim) Nermin has enjoyed lots of minutes last year and is a pretty good defender. He could turn out to be a Mujo Tuljkovic kind of player in the future.

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