Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The most memorable picture from the war in Bosnia and the Siege of Sarajevo

If there is one image that is seared into my mind and best represents the war in Bosnia and the Siege of Sarajevo it is Luc Delahaye's photo shown. The severely wounded innocent young girl surrounded on both sides by her dead father (in the background) and her dead dog in the foreground. No better representation of the savagery of the beasts on the hills preying on the innocent.
Also Luc Delahaye's inhumanity in such a situation, a young girl severely wounded, bleeding lying on the pavement and Luc ignoring her pleas for help because his photo safari and prey are more important than helping this young child.
If the Serbs on the hills were the butchers without humanity, the internationals like Luc and the UN were the vultures picking on the rotting carcass and waiting for the mass murderers to sow more death.
The irony is that Luc and this young lady (minus her arm that had was lost to this shelling) both live in Paris, France. I can't help to imagine him sitting in a cafe and her chancing upon him with a pistol, inspired by a cheap fantasy like a Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry vengeance movie.
If there is a hell there is no doubt that along with Hitler, holding a place next to him for the butchers in Bosnia is a warm spot for Luc...


  1. Fuck YOU scum.This is photo of my friend! Shrapnel took her arm out!She does live in Holland.Fuck you!!