Monday, April 15, 2013

National Day of the Armija Republic of Bosnia and Herzigovina ARBiH!

Bosnian war time army symbol ARBiH
Today is the National Day of the Bosnian Army to recognize the formation of the ARBiH in the defense of BiH during the war.
The Bosnian Army was able to overcome incredible obstacles to defend Bosnia during the war. At various times they fought a multitude of enemies including...
HVO: Bosnian Croat Defense Council, nominal allies in 1992. In 1993 the relationship broke down between the ARBiH and most HVO units and open warfare began between these two armies in 1993 in Herzigovina. Some units of the HVO remained loyal to the ARBiH, mostly located around Bihac and Tuzla.
HV: Units of the Croatian Army moved into Herzigovina and fought actively against the ARBiH especially around mostar and the Lasava valley.
VRS: Army of the rebellious Serbian army that committed the vast majority of crimes in BiH.
RSK: Rebellious Serbian army operating in Croatia also battled the Bosnian army.
JNA: Openly attacked Bosnian army units and towns in 1992. They moved to more clandestine operations after that point but bankrolled the VRS including paying officers salaries and pensions of the VRS.
NO ZB: Rebellious Muslims loyal to Fikret Abdic engaged in open warfare against their Muslim brethren.
Bosnians should be proud of the way their army fought and prevented crimes in the territory under their control. Their commitment to a multi-ethnic society was admirable in the face of genocide and crimes against humanity.
Some photos from the ARBiH...

Sefer Halilovic

Jovan Divjak (highest ranking Serb in Bosnian army)

Midhat "Hujka" Hujdur

Izet Nanic and Atif Dudakovic, 5th corps, 505th (Buzim)

HVO, the Bosnian Army, and HOS

(captured flag)

(with US soldiers)


Atif Dudakovic

Mehmed Alagic and Atif Dudakovic


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