Tuesday, January 28, 2014


We live in a country with a one party system with a liberal and a conservative wing, neither party truly represents the people but divides the one party on "wedge issues" if I could change 13 things about the government this is what I would do...

1) Tax everyone for healthcare, or make them sign a waiver if they refuse to, that if they need medical help they have to pay in advance or no treatment.... Then I would open it up so everyone could buy health insurance on exchanges even if you have insurance and you just don't like yours.

2) Legalize marijuana, gambling and prostitution and tax them to the max. I don't do any of the three but I don't understand why people can't legally gamble on the super bowl or the NCAA tournament in almost all of the states.

3) Allow people to not wear a seat belt or helmet if they sign a waiver and become an organ donor (as long as they are 18 years old).

4) Eliminate the penny, round up to the nearest nickel on all transactions and the extra pennies go to the national debt. Sounds like nothing, but how many monetary transactions happen in the US everyday?

5) eliminate the $1 and $5 bill and replace them with coins. They are way more durable plus you can't bleach out a coin and turn it into a $20 bill.

6) If you get government benefits you get drug and alcohol tested. If you can afford either then you don't really need the benefits, do you?

7) Make it so you can't buy soda, candy or junk food with food stamps, or steaks and lobsters.

8) differentiate between violent predatory criminals who are menaces to society and the rest of the people who make mistakes. Longer sentences for the first category and shorter sentences and more treatment (which is cheaper) for the second.

9) CEO's of publicly traded companies should be capped at making 100X what the average worker makes. This sounds like on obscene amount anyway but when you realize CEO's make 400x this is a huge limit. Private companies would be exempt from this.

10) If you make more than 500k per year for 10 years (on average) you automatically opt out of social security and other retirement benefits. You still pay in but you need a hardship exemption in order to collect the money.

11) Universal background checks, drug tests and mental health screening for all gun purchases in the country.

12) De-incentivize people having kids they don't take care of. If you are on government assistance or disability every kid you have after the first one you lose some of your benefits not gain them. Also your benefits are tied to your kids attendance and test scores while in school.

13) Change it so that the only way the government can spend more than it takes in is in case of extreme emergency, like WWII or the Great Depression


  1. Oh, I just love simple solutions to complex problems! They are bound to appeal to the uneducated and ignorant, who seem to constitute the majority of most societies. Keep up the good work.

  2. nice work chris
    continue with writings
    i keep my eye on blog