Monday, March 5, 2012

(49) Bosnia twenty years later a story of a child from Kakanj


1) Do you remember where were you when you realized the war was imminent? What town and what location in the town?I don’t remember all, but truly, remember when war started and our village was attacked. I was in town Kakanj at that time with my parents.
2) Do you remember where you were when the war broke out, SpecificallyI don’t remember that.
3) Where were you when the war came to your town? Were you at home, relatives, friends, work?I already said, I was at home, with my parents, and grandparents.
4) The most memorable event of the war for you was? When we all had to flee from our home, my dad was wearing me in his arms, and mum was wearing my younger brother. We hadn’t sleep all night, we had nothing to eat, I remember my brother was so hungry. I remember much more moments than this, but now it is very painful to talk about it.
5) What made you hopeless during the war? The nights that we spent alone without dad, he left to war.
6) What gave you hope during the war? Probably the fact I didn’t knew so much about that situation, and the fact that mum was with us then!
7) Did you lose anyone close to you during the war? Few neighbours.
8) Were you wounded during the war? Where were you wounded? Anyone close to you wounded?I were not wounded, either no one close to me, fortunately.
9) Your biggest loss during the war was? Our house.
10) What was the hardest part about the war? The hardest part is that so many people were killed, so many child left without parents, so much mothers without their children, etc.
11) Did you leave the country during the war? I didn’t leave my country ever, not even then!!!
12) 20 years later, what do you think of what happened? I think nothing in this world wasn’t worth of all that pain that we’ve been through… I can’t understand what kind of people could do this what THEY’ve done to us.

13) Are things better or worse than what you expected 20 years later? Things are worse than 20 years before.

14) Do you think war will return to BiH?  NO!
15) What do you think the future of BiH will be? I am an optimist. Together we can do that things start to be better, first of all, the Muslims and Christians must build our relations on respect, coexistence and tolerance.

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