Monday, March 12, 2012


(Manjaca concentration camp near prejidor)

1) Do you remember where were you when you realized the war was imminent? What town and what location in the town?In Prijedor, in the active employment of professors on the economic high school.

2) Do you remember where you were when the war broke out, Specifically? In Prijedor

3) Where were you when the war came to your town? Were you at home, relatives, friends, work? In Prejidor

4) The most memorable event of the war for you was? When we had to wear white ribbons - blindfolded when coming into town and non-white flags on our house to identify us as non Serb (as the Jews had in Germany in the Second World. War work).

5) What made you hopeless during the war? The fundamental destruction of all religious and sacred objects.

6) What gave you hope during the war? The expectation of assistance from democratic countries and organizations in the world that we at least provide a basic human right to self-defense.

7) Did you lose anyone close to you during the war? Yes, many members of close relatives.

8) Were you wounded during the war? Where were you wounded? Anyone close to you wounded? No

9) Your biggest loss during the war was? Human sacrifice, with special emphasis on victims elitocida (the intentional targeting of social and econimic leaders teachers, doctors, municipal leaders, police etc). And since I educator, the intentional targeting and killing of a large number of my students' children and young people.

10) What was the hardest part about the war? It is more difficult periods that are difficult to classify, such as: bringing people into camps where survival rate in grave danger and are witnessed physical and psychological torture and starvation in a inhumane health conditions, then the loss of the closest family members for fear that it could not properly buried.
11) Did you leave the country during the war? Yes. I was in Germany in results of the ethnic cleansing from 93 to 95.

12) 20 years later, what do you think of what happened? Throughout the war scenario is evident by the great powers, and appropriate international organizations more than politics and interests of humanity and democracy.

13) Are things better or worse than what you expected 20 years later?  
This is what is happening now believe that it is not fulfilled the expectations of both parties. But it is definitely on the UN program who has not fulfilled its obligations or its term with us, and unfortunately in many other parts of the world. As this day is not devastating to the world shows us that this will solve the problem adequately.
14) Do you think war will return to BiH? I believe that there will be, though on this point is difficult to answer.

15) What do you think the future of BiH will be? In any case I am optimistic that BiH will become a normal democratic society, although it will take longer due to insufficient received treatment by the advanced democratic world which is not in their interest to be adequately solve the problem of Bosnia.

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  1. Just wanted to say hi and thank you for this blog! Keep it up! People know very little about this region, especially about what happened in the 90-s. This world would be so much better if people were more like you :) Lots of love from a bosnian girl from Sweden!