Thursday, January 31, 2013

Bosnia genocide deniers need to be treated like Nazi apologists! Stop war crimes apologists and deniers!

Bosnian Community in Dallas/Fort Worth area has been deeply disturbed after it was notified that Mr. Michael Parenti will be a guest speaker at the Lone Star College in Kingwood, Texas.
As all Americans, we appreciate the freedom of speech, but are rightfully upset and horrified that Mr. Parenti, who openly denies genocide in Bosnia, will be allowed to speak on this subject as a self-proclaimed expert. It is unfortunate that he can "educate" others and deny that rapes, ethnic cleansing, and organized crimes against humanity took place in our beloved Bosnia. We, as American Bosnians, have suffered enough, and will not tolerate that people such as Mr. Parenti continue to damage our reputation and deny that such brutalities took place. They unfortunately did. It was proven in the Highest International Court for War Crimes in Hague. It still hurts and as the time goes on it will continue to be a wound that will bleed for those that were killed, tortured, raped, displaced and to those that to this day live with emotional scars that will most likely never heal. Our community will not stand silent as this is an insult to a rather bleeding and fresh injury. Many Bosnians have found their second home in Texas after we were ethnically cleansed from our homes in Bosnia; finding our peace here we learned to love Texas as our own second home. Knowing that Mr. Parenti decided to come to this state deeply affected us. The letter was sent to Dr. John J. Theis at the Lone Star College asking him to reconsider this decision to host Mr. Parenti as a guest speaker. The letter was distributed between many Bosnians that live in this area as well as Houston area and were urged to send the same letter to Dr. Theis asking the same.
Our cultural organization "Ljiljan" that strives to preserve our cultural heritage as well as our history has also been made aware of this incident. The same letter was published on its website and Facebook page. The organization urged all friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina to take part in this action asking Dr. Theis to stop spreading lies about our history by allowing the speaker to take the stage. We have yet to receive an answer from Dr. Theis on his decision, but are confident, as proud Texans, that he will change his mind after he learns the facts and not allow the event to take place.

Bosniak Association Lily
Dallas/Fort Worth TX

Here are contact people to protest what is being done and said...

here is the link to his web site - and if you wish you can send an e-mail

Lone Star College, the president is Katherine Persson. Her email address is

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