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War Photo Limited a must see for visitors to Dubrovnik, Croatia and must have photo books for all!


War Photo Limited a must see for visitors to Dubrovnik, Croatia and must have photo books for all!

War Photo Limited operates a gallery in the scenic Croatian Adriatic city of Dubrovnik, one of the most beautiful cities on the planet. What these exhibits bring is stark reality that most people never get to experience in their lifetime.

I was fortunate enough to see Ron Haviv’s Blood and Honey exhibit when I was there in 2005 and was even luckier to stumble across their website that features photographers and exhibits focusing not only on the Balkans but other trouble spots such as Chechnya, Palestine and conflict hotspots from around the globe.

The site features exhibits, upcoming exhibits, limited edition photos and very reasonably priced photography books.

A link to their website…


Some of the 11 books available include…


of yugoslavia

photographs and text by Emmanuel Ortiz

A journey through the wars that broke

the republics, broke the communities and

broke the people of the former Yugoslavia.

Emmanuel starts in Croatia visiting the

frontlines in eastern Slavonija and the

besieged city of Dubrovnik. War later

breaks out in Bosnia, Ortiz’s coverage of

Mostar, Bihaæ and the capital, Sarajevo

journeys through the lives both civilian and

combatants, their hardships, their loss.

Then on to Kosovo and its neighbouring

countries that accommodated hundreds of

thousands of expelled and fleeing Kosovo

Albanians seeking refuge from Serb security


Published in Croatia in 2012 by

War Photo Limited


Photography | © Emmanuel Ortiz

100 pages, 23.5 x 23.5

100,00 kn - 14.00 €

to place an order contact us at



The Scars of David

Jan Grarup

Grarup’s exhibit “The Scars of David” brings

together his award winning work from Israel

and Palestine; “The boys from Ramallah”, a

glimpse into the lives of the Palestinian youth

of the west bank town of Ramallah and “The

boys from Hebron”, a similar look at the youth

of the Israeli settlement town of Hebron.

Grarups work questions the extreme

pressure applied on the youth by violence

and fear that surrounds them. He provides

us with an insight into the conditioning of a

population at a very young age, for a conflict

that is being pass through the generations.

Published in Croatia in 2005 by

War Photo Limited

Photography | © Jan Grarup

Forward by Jan Grarup

72 pages,


Photographs by Ron Haviv

Of the thousands of photographs that

emerged from the wars in the former

Yugoslavia, Ron Haviv’s stand out as a

unique record. From the first outbreak

of war in 1991 to the recent turmoil in

Kosovo, Haviv produces images that

depicted both the urgency and the

tragedy of war.

Published in Croatia in 2010 by

War Photo Limited

ISBN: 978-953-55109-4-9

Photography | © Ron Haviv

Forward by Alison Morley

64 pages, 82 color images

100,00 kn - 14.00 €

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