Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sarajevo bookstores many to choose from with excellent book selection!

Sarajevo has a great collection of independent bookstores that have great offerings to choose from. Some are small hidden gems tucked away in a side street downtown others are showcases with a rich tradition and history in the cultural life of Sarajevo and BiH.

When I was in BiH last summer it was the time of year the international bookfare was going on downtown and they had all these stands set up in a square in a plaza off of Ferihadja street. It was great to see so many books and book sellers assembled in one location. I picked up a copy of the Winter Sarajevo Festival 20 year anniversary edition which had a great collection of photographs and stories of the last 20 years in it. I also picked up a couple of copies of Sarajevo wounded city for 20km each! Usually these books run 50-60usd each!
I always love going to every bookstore in Sarajevo when I am there and I always find a little treasure whether it is Famas "Siege of Sarajevo" or a photo book of Alija Izetbegovic or Tarek Samarah's "Srebrenica"...
Here is my list of Sarajevo bookstores...

-Svejtlost (next door to Imperijal on Ferihadja) a great well known publishing house from the Tito era, they also offer books for sale and a great collection of old prints that were remade of Bosnian life and are great for framing.

-Buybook (radiceva 4) probably the most famous bookstore in Sarajevo they have a great collection of international books in English. Last time I was there I picked up a great book that was actually postcards done by students in a contest to best show Sarajevo. It is amazing collection and quite unique!

-International book shop (Mula Mustafe Basekije next to the eternal flame) is the best place to find international magazines and newspapers while staying in Sarajevo. It also has a great resources of books available as well and cater to the international crowds.
-The fourth bookstore I can't remember the name (is located near Markale on the opposite side of the street on Mula Mustafe Basekije) It is a very small bookstore, blink and you will miss it but has a great collection of books for which to choose from.
-The other bookstore is located in Skenderija shopping mall which has fallen a bit on hard times.

I couple of links to bookstores from BiH that are on the web...


  1. Is there any bookshop where I could buy language books? For learning Bosnian and other languages in the region.

  2. you can try at