Sunday, May 1, 2011

Osama is dead! Long live Bosnia!

The death of Osama is a great day for not only America, but for Bosnia, Muslims, Islam and the entire world.
The apologists for what the Serbs did in Bosnia often come to the conclusion that the Serbs were fighting Osama Bin Laden and even that he was in Bosnia and issued a Bosnian passport. Absurd claims, just like the ones that said 10,000 Mujaheddin were in Bosnia or that Izetbegovic wanted to settle 4,000,000 Muslims in BiH to replace the Serbs and Croats.
The Bosnians paid a heavy price for the linking of their struggle with that of Bin Laden. Muslims and Islam was seen with suspicion for many ill informed and those prone to religious xenophobia. Many of the best people I know in the world are Muslims and many more who practice their faith demonstrate it in their affairs with others than I notice in other major religions.
The struggle for freedom and equality was hijacked for many Muslims in eyes of the world by the great terrorist leader Bin Laden. For those his death hopefully sets them free. This is the biggest event I can remember, bigger than the end of the Bosnian war which felt bitter sweet and left a feeling of sadness and unfinished business at the events in Srebrenica were still being unburied and the Sarajevo suburbs burned as they were handed back to the legitimate authorities. The only event in scale and magnitude I can remember and the reaction it caused is the fall of the Berlin wall and the speed in which these results unfolded...
All I can think is I hope Mladic is next.
Long live Bosnia! Long live the struggle for freedom!

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