Friday, April 29, 2011

Abdullah Pejkic Islamic art at it's finest! Art exhibition in Belgrade gallery Progress

(Edin i Abdullah)
Abdullah is a great Bosnian (who would be embarrassed by my effusive praise I am sure), I have often thought that he best represents Bosnia both with his great character and his great human flaws. His human story would actually make a great film I believe. He is a genuine, honest person who's character plays an emotional role in his fantastic artwork that he creates. He will be doing a gallery exhibition of his artwork later this summer of 2011 in Belgrade. The exhibition will be at the gallery "Progres" in Belgrade in the Knez Mihajlova street, during the last 10 days of the month of Ramazan this year. Approximately last 10 days in August.
Anyone interested in his artwork can visit his website that is in both Bosnian and English...

His work speaks for itself...

In his own words his motivation...

First of all, you have to know, that I am here as an artist, therefore if you know anything about art, you also have to know that the talent, which is basically an urge to create, relies on motivation to create.

I have been a sculptor for quite a long time, but I have always been fascinated by Arabic calligraphy as well. And for quite a while I have tried to simplify the synthesis of these two. Calligraphy, which was born as soon as a man could write, is a form of art itself, simply because it literally means `writing with emotions`. I say this because I take art very seriously and I have worked very hard to feel worthy of the title. I also know that there are not many true artist living today, at least not as many as those who like to refer to themselves as artist anyway.
What I wanted to accomplish by this exhibition is to develop a distinctive collision of sculpturing and calligraphy, but still to preserve a pinch of tradition so that the first look reminds of a classic Bosnian wood-carved pieces.
One of the main characteristics of art itself is the one that draws a sharp line that forever separates art, with a capital A from simple craftsmanship. A true artist never thinks of creating the same piece twice. It is impossible. The work of an artist is like a soul, an indestructible inside energy if you like, that sculptors using hands of flash for tools. The final outcome depends on the state of the soul at that precise moment, and the `moment` can last for days. Therefore anybody who claims to be an artist and says otherwise is no doubt a fake.
These works do not only have a soul but a certain life as well, in a matter of speaking.
Let me clarify this for you.
An average, skillful carver could complete an item, which resembles to these, in a week or two. Today's carver has little or no knowledge of calligraphy whatsoever. They are craftsmen not artists. So they copy someone else's calligraphic work to a wooden plate and than tear its beauty apart, literally scratching the surface for about two millimeters. No magic, no emotions and it is most usual that the carver has no idea of the meaning of the inscription he just made, he only cares about the price he intends to sell if for. Usually 300 - 400 Euros. I know all this because I used to carve furniture for living and I have met a few carvers along the way.

However, unlike carver's, each and every one of my works took at least six months to complete. 100% handmade. Calligraphy is also my creation applied from the mind directly to the wood, and than shaped with classic woodcarving chisels. Also significantly deeper than just two millimeters, which gives you a totally new 3D perspective, which again contributes to a certain resurrection, in a matter of speaking, the work, seems to, `come alive` and it most certainly has something to say, so, listen!
And, by far, the most important of all. None of these, past, present of future works are motivated by money, but clearly by the need to deliver beauty in the form of this collision. I have never worked on any of them when I did not feel the need to work. However, when I did, the time or place made no difference. Whether it was a family picnic, a barbeque or a morning coffee on the balcony with my wife. Sometimes the need was so strong it wouldn't let me sleep. Than I would grab my plate and tools and go out by the creek, very often loosing track of the time, until the break of dawn disturbs my passion.
This is probably the reason why my works are irreplaceable segment of private collections from Hong Kong to Michigan.

This is why these works are unique and genuine, they carry a part of life, a scent of nature and finally message of eternity.

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