Thursday, April 7, 2011

2011 Bosnian basketball prospects top 10 young players under the age of 22

This is my list of the best young talent in Bosnian basketball

1) Adin Vrabac 6'8" 1994 Has risen to the top of prospect lists for Bosnia, he has been given an invite to the Senior national team.

2) Nihad Dedovic 6'5" 1990 Seasoned pro at the age of 20, his shot is a little off, his outside shooting is average and his has below average NBA athleticism. All that said he has some spectacular games in Italy and Euroleague.

3) Djordje Micic 6'6" 1993 He is the opposite of Dedovic, talented, athletic but his attitude and dedication can be questioned.

4) Mirza Bulic 6'8" 1992 played very well this year for Sloboda Dita Tuzla, the best team in BiH for producing talent.

5) Ali Demic 6'8" 1991 has size and range has yet to put it all together.

6) Ognjen Kuzmic 7'1" 1990 Came on strong this year, a late bloomer who should end up in a top European league.

7) Alen Omic 7'0" 1992 Another player stolen from Bosnia by the Slovenes. Plays big minutes as a 18 year old in a pretty good league.

8) Dejan Kravic 6'10" 1990 Dejan is a highly skilled big man who plays the game fundamentally sound. He should end up being a good European professional.

9) Miralem Halilovic 6'8" 1991 A skilled big man who can handle the ball and do a little bit of everything. He didn't play that much this year and lacks one outstanding skill. He is a bit like a poor mans Emir Preldzic who is a bit of a poor mans Dejan Bodiroga...

10) Dragan Sekelja 7'0" 1991 barely played this year for Baylor in the NCAA's needs to put on some weight and get into the gym.

Honorable mention: Dino Hodzic 6'3" 1990, Marko Ramljak 6'7" 1993, Ifran Hodzic 6'1" 1993, Nebojsa Andelic 6'6" 1991

Edo Muric, Rashid Mahlalbasic, Dino Muric, Mirza Sariljija, Armin Mazic, are all Bosniak prospects who play for other nations.


  1. Dragan Sekelja & Marko Ramljak are playing for Croatia. ArminMazic only played for Croatian U14 team, which means that he is still eligible to play for Bosnia. Omic is also a Bosniak who plays for other country, so why did you put him in your ranking. Dejan Kravic took part to Canadian Development team try outs. Djordje Micic don't intend to play for Bosnia anymore
    You forgot to mention Djoko Salic & Nemanja Krtolica, both are on Serbian U16 list.
    You also forgot to mention the best prospect from Bosnia, Sandro Gacic who is now playing for Caja Laboral U16 in Spain.

  2. I still ranked those who were born in Bosnia with the Bosnian list. Only those Bosnians born outside of BiH did I exclude from the list. Those who "discovered" their Slovenian roots or other nationalities after recieving payments I included in the list still.
    I am not as familiar with Sandro Gacic, Djoko Salic and Nemanja Krtolica...