Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Third Annual Bosnian Women's Day on Capitol Hill today April 12th

Congrats to all the Bosnian women one this day of celebration! No single women or image reminds me more of the spirit of the modern Bosnian women than that of Inela Noglic and the Miss Sarajevo beauty contest. In the confusing times when the Western media was covering the Bosnian war the image of these beautiful modern women cut through all of the rhetoric of war and labels of "Muslims" "Bosniaks" "Bosnians" and so many other labels used to make Bosnians seem more aligned with Saudi Arabia than of Western Europe.
The Sarajevo beauty contest and it's winner Inela Noglic is the single most memorable image of the war of 1990's and the Siege of Sarajevo.

Congrats to all the women of Bosnia!

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