Monday, March 21, 2011

Getting Neumed in Neum getting posted by catholics on there way to Medjugorje

Neum Bosnia is one of the most beautiful places on earth, I know I keep saying it, but it is true. It is Bosnia's little slice of the Adriatic sea and it is beautiful.
My experience in Neum has stuck with me and my family for years and has a completely different meaning, now for us "to get Neumed" means to get screwed and here's why...
On our way back from Dubrovnik, Croatia to Sarajevo we took a Bus. The bus was leaving at 8:00am. We were staying within the old city in Dubrovnik so we had to get up, pay our bill, get our stuff out of the place and drag it down out of the old town and get to the bus before it left. We didn't have time for breakfast or coffee (a need for me in the morning, more than food). We got to the bus on time and got on our way, the first stop along the way for a coffee and cigarette break was in Neum. It was filled with old US Catholics on pilgrimage to the catholic mecca, Medjugorje. I got in line for coffee and waited patiently, I didn't even go to the bathroom because I had my priorities in order and coffee was more important. All these old people kept shoving, yelling and acting like they were gonna miss there bus if they didn't get help right now. I kept getting skipped in service for another pushy old catholic. Before I know it, it's time to go and I got no coffee, no breakfast and no bathroom. I am so pissed I start yelling at all the old people around me who kept skipping in front of me in line. I go outside, back to the bus and these old people aren't going anywhere, they stood around getting group photos of themselves and wandering around aimlessly (like old people are used to doing and are quite good at) I couldn't believe I got hustled by a bunch of old people, Americans! In Bosnia! I was pissed the rest of the bus ride until we got to Jablanica and I finally got to use the bathroom and I got my coffee. I was  upset that I was so stupid and naive to get taken advantage of...Now we use the phrase "I got neumed" and it means to get screwed by others....

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