Thursday, March 17, 2011

Tito's Train, Jablanica Bosnia and Tito; the Nazi's and Hollywood

One of my favorite stories from Bosnia is the story of Tito and this train (a replica of the original). The story goes like this; Tito and the Partizans were on the run from the Nazi's and in big trouble. Tito came up with the grand idea of blowing the bridge, making it seem that they crossed the bridge and blew it up to prevent the Germans from crossing. In reality they blew up the bridge before crossing it and then set up a trap to ambush the Germans who thought they were safe. A great story that added to the lore of Tito and the Partizans. This train and bridge were remade for a Hollywood movie about Tito (I believe starring the famous Richard Burton).
There is a Tito museum next to the train that is still open and the view in Jablanica is fantastic of the Neretva river and the valley. It is also a place with some of the best food to be found in BiH (which I will write about at a later time).
Jablanica is one of my favorite little towns in BiH, next time I go to Bosnia I plan on spending a night at the lake and exploring a little more of the Bosnian countryside.

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