Friday, March 11, 2011

Sarajevo siege wells memories of the Bosnian war echo in everyday life within the city

These wells were built outside of my friends apartment building in Hrsano, Sarajevo during the war. His building was so close to the front lines and exposed to sniper and shell fire that city engineers came and built these wells to save innocent lives so people in his neighborhood wouldn't have to die like so many others trying to fetch water in the city.

His building in located on Azize Sacirbegovic about 100m from the front lines along a wide open boulevard. At one point during the war the cetniks were almost to the entrance to his building. He street in front of his apartment block was so dangerous that at one time CNN set up a camera to record civilians dying from sniper fire. Bosnian safari CNN style, there is nothing more macabre than setting up a camera, like it is a fishing pole and waiting to catch your prey.

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