Sunday, March 20, 2011

My favorite apartment building in Sarajevo Bosnia flashback to the 70's

This is my favorite apartment building in Sarajevo. I know it is strange, a bit run down and very communist circa the 1970's. That is the charm for me, I love all the glass and steel and unnecessary exoskeleton on the whole structure and the exposed stairwells, that must be fun in the wintertime. I love eclectic communist styled structures and designs built with the Jettsons in mind.
My best friends family during the war almost swapped apartments with one in this building. They lived in Hrsano about 100m from the front lines and felt they would be safer downtown. They found someone in this building willing to swap and almost made the trade. It was a good thing they didn't because the apartment in this building they were suppose to receive was destroyed by a Serbian shell during the war.
If I ever make it to Bosnia for retirement, this would be on my list of places I want to live, I love the location and I love the place...I love Sarajevo...

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  1. Its called Papagajka, which is a abnormal deviation from a " female parrot" it is also a singular for "water-pump pliers". I would go for the first one because the building looks like a parrot more than a pair of pliers.

    I like it though, its right next to do synagogue! :)