Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Mostar then and now War time scars have faded buy the memories remain

East Mostar in the war in Bosnia and now, even when the physical scars fade the memories of what happened in Mostar remains.
Mostar is the most beautiful city in Bosnia in many ways, the Stari Most, the Neretva river, the stone houses all give Mostar a beautiful ancient look. I was surprised too, that Mostar was filled with tourists from Western Europe while visiting last summer. I saw more tourists in Mostar than in Sarajevo last summer, I was surprised by the sheer volume of people visiting the city.
Mostar during the war suffered tremendous damage both physically and the psyche of the citizens. The divide from the war exists today but are not easily visible to tourists, you have to spend more time in the city to find those.
It is hard to believe that in Mostar, united HVO/ARBiH units drove out the Serbian VRS in 1992 and then turned their guns against eachother...A sad chapter in the recent Bosnian history of the city.

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