Saturday, March 19, 2011

Stunning rural Bosnia Blagaj One of my favorite places to visit

Blagaj appears like something out of a movie. In a little town in rural Hercigovina this little gem of Bosnia is breathtaking. A sheer wall of a canyon, a little ancient retreat and the famous Buna river shoots out of the side of the mountain. It's Blagaj and it is a must see little spot in Hercigovina if you ever get the chance to go.
Bosnia's number one resource (besides it's wonderful population) is water. It's everywhere in the form of rivers (forming Bosnia's natural borders), lakes, waterfalls and natural springs. Bosnia even has it's own slice of the Adriatic in the form of a small resort town called Nuem. Bosnia's love for fountains makes it along with Italy one of the best places in the world to find one.
Blagaj's other attraction is the Muslim dervish house tekija which houses an ancient Muslim manuscript that states that visitors to Bosnia of all nationalities and religions should be treated as treasured guest and valued. It predates the European declaration of human rights by hundreds of years. It is a rare treat for a western visitor to visit such a important religious sight with so much history and tradition and it makes you feel like a treasured guest from the ancient past.

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