Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bosnia: Searching for Closure Dijana Muminovic's work about Srebrenica needs your support!

I recently came across Dijana Muminovic's website and plea for support for her projects. I find her photography work striking and her to be a passionate supporter of Bosnia and her work speaks for itself.

Her images of Srebrenica are striking and remind me of Tarik Samarah's photography book "Srebrenica".

Please check out her sites and if you have the means and the will donate to her fantastic project.

Dear Supporters,

I'm a Bosnian-American photojournalist, and have been working on this documentary project following the continued search for loved ones still buried in mass graves 19 years after the Bosnian war. This is not the pretty side of Bosnia I would have liked to portray, but this is what’s been done to my country, and, for the sake of the truth a more promising future, I have pursued this project for the past year and a half to help bring some closure to the thousands who still suffer.

From 1992-1995 about 30,000 Bosnians disappeared. Years later, their bodies were found in mass graves, piled on top of one another. Some of the most known massacres happened in Srebrenica, Visegrad and Prijedor, but there are many others as well throughout the countryside. More than 400 mass graves have been discovered, and just in November 2010, researches found three more. Thousands of people are still missing.

During the war, mothers used to hope their sons and husbands would return alive. Today they move back years of piled leaves and earth, hoping to find pieces of their families for proper burials.

How can we help?
Making the images is only the first step. Documentary photography is meant for large audiences, and to share my work, to communicate the stories of these women and to reinforce how devastating the lingering effects of war are, I need to show my work to others.

For the 16th anniversary of the Srebrenica

As evidence of the continued saga of this sad story, last week, war criminal Ratko Mladic was arrested. He was accused for the siege of Sarajevo and responsible for the Srebrenica genocide and 8,000 lives lost there.

So how can we help the people directly affected by the genocide?
Many mass graves have yet to be found, and if my project makes one person to react to help speed up the process of finding the mass graves, then I will consider this a success. Tens of thousands of Bosnians live all over the world, and many still have yet to find closure to their loss.  My goal is that this project raises awareness and raises the need to find closure.

Your contribution?
In an effort to reach my goals, I am hoping to raise $5,500 to help put exhibitions in US, Bosnia, and Canada. The money raised from this campaign will directly support the exhibition of this project.

This is a big goal. But I’m a believer. And with your help it will be easier. So help me reach my goal.  Spread the word about this video. Share it with your friends.

The link to donate...

Dijana Muminovic's website...

Her photo blog...

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