Monday, June 20, 2011

Missing Croatian girl, If anyone has any information please help!

Truck driver tried to pick up another girl before taking missing Antonia Bilic
The truck driver who was seen picking up 17-year-old Antonia Bilic missing since last week, had tried to pick up another girl earlier the same day, the investigation has uncovered.

On the same Tuesday when Bilic disappeared, another girl was hitchhiking near a small town on the outskirts of Split, wanting to go to the city.

The truck driver stopped and tried to convince her to board his vehicle. He was skinny and pale, almost twice her age, the girl - whose identity was not disclosed - remembered.  She was hesitant – the driver had come from the opposite direction.

The girl refused his offer to take her "wherever you want to go." She remembered he was missing a tooth.

The incident happened some 30 kilometres from Drnis, where later the same day, Antonia Bilic would board an unknown truck.

The man had apparently turned from the opposite direction to pick her up.

The entire Croatia has been looking for the missing 17-year-old. Croatian Prime Minister Jadranka Kosor has contacted the family and extended her support.

For any information on Antonia’s whereabouts, please contact the nearest police station or the girl’s family directly at 095/860-0777 or 095/860-0776.

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  1. Speaking to police inspectors, Dragan Paravinja, a 43-year-old truck driver, has admitted killing 17-year-old Antonija Bilic from Drnis, Croatia, and dumping her body in the River Krka. Republika Srpska police, together with their Croatian counterparts, arrested Paravinja on Sunday near an abandoned building beside Mount Motajica, where he is believed to have spent time hiding during a four-day police manhunt. Paravinja is also suspected of raping hitchhikers in several states.