Friday, June 24, 2011

Sarajevo, Bosnia:Dodik talks "highly autonomous RS within Bosnia" Wants to finish what Karadzic started

Dodik talks "highly autonomous RS within Bosnia"

BELGRADE -- Republic of Srpska’s goal is significant autonomy up to the level of full independence within Bosnia, RS President Milorad Dodik told daily Večernje Novosti.

He added that people of the Serb entity (RS) supported the idea.

“Bosnia, the way it has been until now, cannot exist. It has to start talks about a different internal organization. Bosnia can survive as a territorially united country. But with strong confederal units and great autonomy of the RS up to the level of full independence within Bosnia-Herzegovina. That is our next goal. And we have people’s support for it,” Dodik was quoted as saying.

“We will demand authorities that have been taken away, as well as transferring decision making to lower levels. If someone wants to preserve Bosnia, this is the only way to do it,” the RS president pointed out.

He said that “only army, monetary policy, foreign policy, but the one that has been agreed, and maybe two or three more sectors could remain at the level of Bosnia-Herzegovina”.

“Everything else is unsustainable because a centralized Bosnia, dominated by the Muslims, will not work. Ethnically clean Sarajevo, where according to their estimates 94 percent of Muslims live, is the best proof of how they would create their multi-ethnic romance. And the German chancellor openly says that multi-ethnicity is a failed project.

What would have happened if I had said that? What would the likes of Kandić, Liht and Popov do? They would call me genocidal! Well, we don’t want Sarajevo-style multi-ethnicity! This is the reason for some sort of alliance with Croats whose goal is to prevent that,” Dodik explained.

The RS president also said he believed that there were fewer opponents of RS’ independence within Bosnia-Herzegovina and that the fact that executive government cannot be formed on the state level proves that the country was currently unsustainable.

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