Wednesday, June 15, 2011


(Miralem Halilovic and Adin Vrabac)

In KSBiH's most serious attempt at putting together a competitive youth team, they have finally put together a quality list of potential candidates together. A lot of credit has to go to one man not well known behind the scenes for BiH, a true basketball lover Nedzad Kladusak. He really pushed for inclusion finally for many players of BiH origins who play in other countries.
 This years U20 B tournament will be held in basketball loving Sarajevo in July. Bosnia hasn't participated in the U20 tournament in a few years because of funding shortfalls and ineptitude on the part of Bosnian officials. Basketball is loved in Bosnia, second only to football and many great players got their start in their homeland of Bosnia. Bosnia will have a chance at a good showing with some commitment and great showing by it's players.

Igor Hadziomerovic who is from Sarajevo, grew up in Australia and is playing college basketball next year at Boise State isn't on this list but would have been a great candidate for the team.

Gavrilo Markovic is a good young PG talent who is playing in Spain and would have been a great addition to the team
Dragan Sekelja is a 7'0" center playing for Baylor University who would have been a great addition as well.

Three "Slovenians" really stick out in my mind though Alen Omic (a 7'0" center from Bosnia who continued to get better through the year) Mirza Saralijija (who had a awful year in Bosna two years ago after signing with KK BOSNA ASA) and Edo Muric who plays a major role for his Slovenian team.

Loncar Srdan (Borac, Banja Luka)
 Ivic Ranko (Borac, Banja Luka)
 Rikalo Marko (Leotar, Trebinje)
Begagic Dino (Celik, Zenica) Got some minutes with middling first division team Celik, which has produced some great talent over the years.
Gajic Nikola (USA) signed to play college basketball in the US at Jacksonville next year
 Vrabac Adin (Spars Sarajevo) Possibly the number one prospect in Bosnia (since Sandro Gacic is playing in Spain)
 Bulic Mirza (Sloboda,Tuzla) played a large role on a usually surprising Sloboda team, they produce the best talent in Bosnia and make quality teams out of an extremely low budget.
 Crnogorac Aleksandar (Leotr, Trebinje)
 Merdanovic Eldar (Celik, Zenica) saw limited minutes in Celik this year
 Halilovic Miralem (Zagreb,Zagreb) If he doesn't make the senior national team will be the leader of this club.
 Buza Nermin (Bosna, Sarajevo) Saw a few minutes with the disappointing KK BOSNA team, one of the young players they are trying to develop
Markovic Miljan (Helios,Slovenia) A good prospect with some upside.
Dizdarevic Rasim (Spain) Getting good training and development in Spain.
 Lukic Mladen (Tubingen, Germany)
Mujic Ernad (Bosna, Sarajevo), Had some good showings with KK BOSNA this year, has good size, needs to add strength.
 Sladoje Nemanja (Sutjeska, Foca)
 Hurtic Dzenan (France) A big man with a lot of upside, he could bring some quality experience to the team.
Sefic Ismet (Turkey)
 Bodiroga Goran (Zrinjski, Mostar)
Maksimovic Nebojsa (Celik, Zenica) played some minutes for Celik this year.
Vukovic Obrad (Leotar, Trebinje)
 Kovacevic Mirko (Leotar, Trebinje)
 Petrovic Filip (Zrinjski, Mostar) Has some serious scoring and rebounding ability, surprisingly has seen limited time on the junior national teams so far in his career.
Glogovac Stefan (Spars Sarajevo)
Leko Ante (Posusje) 
 Karic Muamer (Magic, Tuzla)

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