Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Sarajevo poster contest: What does Sarajevo mean to you?

One of the coolest things I have come across in Sarajevo in awhile was this little weird book made by Vive le Talent at the bookstore buybook. It was a brown cardboard box with a little black ribbon on it and inside was a collection of 122 postcard sized posters from a contest entitled "Sarajevo Poster". Some of them were just unbelievably fantastic. So much so that I put them together in a collage print, made it into a poster and hung them on my wall. It reminded me so much of the trio Sarajevo postcards, but with a more modern, more original twist to it. Some of the individual posters are just amazing and should be reproduced and sold in the city, I believe.
They held a contest to see which ones were the best (judges included Danis Tanovic, Florence Hartman and others). The winner was two artists Adnan Jasika and Dzenat Drekovic (I am not sure which poster won the contest). This little book is a great memory for me of my last trip to Sarajevo.

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