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Bosnian National basketball team canidates announced!

(Bosnian National Team vs Macedonia: Damir Krupalija faces off against Todor Gocevski and Vrbica Stefanov 2006)

Bosnia is facing an immense challenge to make a good showing in European Championships and the teams they will have to face. They were lucky to be included when FIBA announced an expansion of the teams getting into the tournament this summer after a dissapointing finish to qualifying last summer. Bosnia has the potential to be one of the ten best teams in Europe year in and year out, but they have to stop bleeding off top young talent to other national teams when they "learn" they are actually Slovenian, Spanish, Croatian, German, Serbian or a whole host of other nationalities. KSBiH also have to do a better job evaluating and promoting and supporting young talent. It is a shame that year in and year out players like Stanko Barac, Bojan Bogdanovic, Nedzad Sinanovic, Mirza Begic, Emir Preldzic, Alen Omic and so many other great talents leave Bosnia without any hesitation on the part of Bosnia to allow this to happen.
There were some glaring omissions from the Bosnian National team this summer, most surprisingly Damir Krupalija who has had two of his best seasons in Europe the last two years and was a big time contributor to the National team for years, yet hasn't received an invite the last two years.
Nedzad Sinanovic never showed much interest in the National Team and it seems has given up on representing BiH. He wanted guarantees a couple of years ago and never received them in terms of playing time, since then he has never taken his invitation seriously. For a player drafted by the NBA (Portland Trailblazers) and contributing to a Euro league team in a major way, the fact that Bosnia didn't recognize the talent in a athletic 7'3" center (the opposite of NBA lottery pick and Bosnian national Aleksandar Radojevic) from early on is a shame.
Ognjen Kuzmic is also a major omission by the BiH National team, Drasko Albijanic had a great year in Bosnians domestic league but has none of the potential for greatness (especially defensivly) that Kuzmic has shown. Center is a major weakness for the team, even though Bosnia produces great big men like Barac, Begic, Sinanovic, Omic, Kuzmic, Asim (Pascanovic) Pars, Mile Ilic, Damir (Omerhodzic) Markota and a whole host of Slovenes who are actually Bosnians.
I think inviting more top talent to the NT like Nedim Dedovic, Sandro Gacic, Armin Mazic and a whole host of talented young players. Bosnia needs to be more aggressive in recruiting and supporting these young talents before others do so.
Bosnia's National teams two weakest position are center and point guard Ironic because of the amount of talent lost to other countries from these positions. Those also happen to be the two most important positions in basketball today. It is a shame that they don't even naturalize a talent from the US for one of these positions, JR Bremer is a combo guard who is also a volume shooter, more so than a guy who will get you into your offense and get others on the team easy looks at the basket.
It would take a small miracle or a great series by Mirza Teletovic to have a good showing this summer..


Kenan Bajramovic (206-F-81) Has regressed the last couple of years after going international from KK BOSNA ASA. He seems to be more interested in checks he is cashing than a good showing for the national team. A formerly selfless player who made plays in the clutch, seems to look for his own offense too much and going one on one these days.
 Mirza Teletovic (206-F-85) The best talent on the team (Sorry Nihad) he has exploded onto the Spanish scene the last couple of years and is now considered one of the best players in Europe. Needs to take a lead role with the National team and have a great showing this summer
Ratko Varda (216-C/F-79) Spent a year on the injured reserve in the NBA, a journeyman in Europe but has a great shooting touch, as far as big men on your bench you could do much worse, if he is starting for you, your not very good.
Edin Bavcic (210-F/C-84) A solid shooter, defender and rebounder a nice piece to your puzzle but not a center piece on a good team.
Elmedin Kikanovic (210-C-88) Suspended all year for failing doping test, hasn't progressed as expected after leaving Tuzla. for a 6'10" power guy, doesn't rebound well. A good athlete that doesn't shoot good enough to play on the perimeter.
Adnan Hodzic (203-F-88) A nice offensive talent, lacks lateral quickness and athleticism to be a good defender. Can help a team, in the mold of Dzenan Rahmic.
Ermin Jazvin (210-C-80) A solid player, good defender.
Henry Domercant (192-G-80) a combo guard who can score in bunches.
Goran Ikonic (196-G-80) A serious injury effected his season, bounced back in the playoffs but seems over matched on this level.
Nihad Djedovic (196-F-90) Disappointing the last couple of years, a serious young talent who after arriving in Italy seems more interested in the lifestyle than getting better. Seems to be wasting the immense talent he was given.
Nemanja Gordic (194-G-88) A solid guard who doesn't excel at any one area but is a good defender and decent shooter.
Sasa Vasiljevic (183-G-79) If you could combine Sasa's  leadership with Domercants offense you would have a great PG.
Aleksej Nesovic (189-G-85) A solid role player who shouldn't get more than 8 min a game of your in trouble.
Diego Kapelan (190-G-87) I have no idea who this is.
Ernest Bremer (195-G-80) a combo gaurd and a volume shooter, would make a great bench guard who could come in and fill it up for you, too inconsistant to start on a great team.
Mujo Tuljkovic (203-F-79) Surprised he was invited over Krupalija
Milan Milosevic (205-F-85) A decent shooter who does little else, I would have been happier if they invited the Kharimanovic brothers instead Abdurhaman and Armend.
Ante Masic (200-/F-85) Another decent role player but Bosnia needs more stars.
Bozo Durasovic (200-F-87) Does everything ok and nothing great, another role player who will struggle against high level of competition.
Miralem Halilovic (206-F-91) Really struggled against the better competition this year, he is considered a great talent in BiH but I just don't see it ever translating to high performance on a high level of competition. For a Forward he handles the ball very well. A poor mans Emir Preldzic, who is a poor mans Dejan Bodiroga
Feliks Kojadinovic (197-G-79) a great help the last few years, really starting to fail physically hard to imagine he can contribute that much anymore against great players.
Drasko Albijanic (211-C-86) Had a great year domestically, will struggle against a high level of competition as he is slow and weak physically.
Muhamed Pasalic (192-G-87) Had a very solid year for a terrible KK BOSNA ASA team. If he was that good of a player they should have never been that bad. Never trust a player that puts up great numbers for terrible teams.
Adin Vrabac (203-F-94)   A great young talent that should make the team, they need to start looking towards the future and it needs to begin with players like him.

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