Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Disappearance of Melinda Corovic from Ilidza, who was gone missing without any trace on June 26th, was reported to the police by her father Zecir.

After messaging via Facebook Melinda Corovic gone missing
Disappearance of Melinda Corovic from Ilidza, who was gone missing without any trace on June 26th, was reported to the police by her father Zecir.

According to “Dnevni avaz” daily, Melinda was allegedly using Facebook for massaging with an unknown man whom she planned to meet on the day she disappeared, and never came back.

Apparently, Melinda sent SMS to her parents informing them she got married and that she will contact them within three days.

However, she did not contact them anymore.

Police works on solving of this case.


  1. Philippe Morillon:The fall of Srebrenica in 1995 was the "direct reaction" to the massacres of Bosnian Serbs by Naser Oric's forces in 1992-1993. Morillon acknowledged that Oric's troops had committed war crimes in eastern Bosnia. Morillon personally witnessed the exhumation of the bodies of Bosnian Serb civilians and soldiers who had been tortured, mutilated, and executed. He saw with his own eyes the Serbian villages that had been burned to the ground in the Srebrenica pocket. More than anyone else, Morillon understood the level of devastation in eastern Bosnia and the extent and nature of the massacres of Bosnian Serbs.“I feared that the Serbs, the local Serbs, the Serbs of Bratunac, these militiamen, they wanted to take their revenge for everything that they attributed to Naser Oric. It wasn’t just Naser Oric that they wanted to revenge, take their revenge on; they wanted to revenge their dead on Orthodox Christmas.”Phillip Corwin, former UN Civilian Affairs Coordinator in Bosnia during the 1990s, said: “What happened in Srebrenica was not a single large massacre of Muslims by Serbs, but rather a series of very bloody attacks and counterattacks over a three year period which reached a crescendo in July of 1995.”The list of 7,000-8,000 Bosnian Muslims contains the names of the individuals who have been reported missing — it is not the list of the victims of a crime, those who have allegedly lost their lives during Srebrenica takeover.The number of 7,000-8,000 missing Bosnian Muslims, presented to the public as the victims of a war crime, is one of the biggest lies and manipulations continually present in this part of the world!There is a world of difference, victims of the war crime are men who have been captured and executed without trial, while the victims of war are individuals who were killed during the battles, like Bosnian Muslim troops from Srebrenica column, which suffered heavy casualties after being engaged in battle with the Bosnian Serb Army.

  2. Those buried at the Srebrenica Memorial Complex not only were not killed in July 1995, but actually died much earlier,, even in the early 1980s – more than 10 years before the civil war in Yugoslavia even started: Fetahija (Nazif) Hasanovic, b. 1955 – d. Dec.15, 1996, Srebrenica; Sukrija (Amil) Smajlovic, b.1946 – d. May 2,1996, Zaluzje; Maho (Suljo) Rizvanovic, b.1953 – d. Jan. 3,1993, Glogova; Mefail (meho) Demirovic, b.1970 – d. May 10, 1992, Krasanovici; Redzic (Ahmet) Asim, b.1949 – d. April 22, 1992, of Osman (Ibro) Halilovic (1912-1989), Nurija (Smajo) Memisevic (1966-1993), Salih (Saban) Alic (1969-1992), Mujo (Hasim) Hadzic (1954-1993), Ferid (Ramo) Mustafic (1975-1993) and Hajrudin (Ismet) Cvrk (1974-1992)...............Hamed (Hamid) Halilovic (1940-1982), transferred from the nearby cemetery in Kazani, who apparently died a full 13 years before the Srebrenica "genocide."Several hundred soldiers as well as civilians were transferred to the Srebrenica Memorial from other cemeteries and reburied, with Muslim burial rituals.

  3. Two prominent supporters (at the time) of the late Muslim leader Alija Izetbegovic, his Srebrenica SDA party chairman Ibran Mustafic and police commander Hakija Meholjic, have subsequently accused Izetbegovic of deliberately sacrificing the enclave in order to trigger NATO intervention. Meholjic is explicit: in his presence,Izetbegovic quoted Bill Clinton/ as saying that 5,000 dead Muslims would be sufficient to provide the political basis for an American-led intervention on the side of the Muslims.In a letter to Izetbegovic, Naser Oric, who refused to show up in Sarajevo as a member of the Srebrenica delegation, said the following: “I opposed your decision to surrender Srebrenica which you had arranged with the French and I particularly disagreed with the ensuing events and too many sacrificed civilians, regardless of the effect made. I honoured the agreement and I can tell you that the dearest amount of cash I have ever received is the two million Deutche Marks I collected as a reward on the Yellow Bridge near Bratunac on my way out.”

  4. Your posts aren't related to the fate of a missing minor girl from Ilidzia but I will engage your accusations none the less.
    The facts of Srebrenica have been proven beyond resonable doubt by any sane person and by international law. You can quote Morrilion or whoever you want. Were Serb civillians killed in raids by the tobari and Oric's men? Without a doubt. The reality is the vast overwhelming Serbs killed around Srebrenica were active combatants, village guards armed by the VRS and standing watch over there villages that were bursting with food and the local harvest while those inside Srebrenica starved to death. The Bosnians inside Srebrenica need to scavange for food was proven beyond resonable doubt. This is a reaction to a situation created by the VRS which was trying to starve out the population of Srebrenica, who had already experianced, mass murder, rape, executions, ethnic cleansing and crimes of unspeakable magnitude.

    People with the same name who died previously is all that has been proven. It is not uncommon for someone to have the same name as many people had the same last name in this region. That is a weak excuse to reduce the numbers.

    Thousands of men were killed who surrendered at the Dutch UN complex in potocari. The column of men was led by a lightly armed ARBiH unit, but this column stretched for many miles and few men even had hunting rifles. This was pure execution, planned in advance, approved by the highest levels of the VRS and civillian authorities. What was the need to bury them in mass graves, implicate bus drivers by forcing them to commit murderes too, hide the crimes and then reburying them again in another attempt at a cover up.

    You should feel terrible for making excuses for genocide. You do a diservice to Serbian war victims when you try to justify crimes by using there spilled innocent blood as an excuse. Victims of war crimes are victims and you should be ashamed of yourself for siding with people that herded men and boys into warehouses by the thousands and murdered them. There is a mountain of evidence that proves this crimes were committed. There is no difference between you and someone who would make excuses for the Nazi's. You do a disservice to decent Serbs eveyrwere who ended up scattered accross the globe because of Milosevics war policies.