Monday, September 26, 2011

Bosnia: Haris Silajdzic to save the state of BiH

SARAJEVO, September 18 (FENA) – Situation cannot be more difficult than it already is in BiH. It is about to lose its statehood and I can only talk about causes which led to that situation and possible measures to save what is left to be saved, president of Party for BiH (SBIH) Haris Silajdzic stated yesterday at the beginning of Congress of the political party which was held in Sarajevo.
Silajdzic finds that anti-Bosnian forces have been present more lately so citizens are in position to write petitions or send appeals for preservation of statehood of BiH.

He especially emphasized that political, not legal interpretation of Dayton Treaty has led to the current political image in BiH and he asked international community to solve "unclear" issues in BiH because as he said Dayton Treaty is an international document.

"We want to stop scattering of BiH and we want to take part in preservation of its statehood. BiH is a mini model of pluralism and globalization and why destroy that model in Europe. Pluralism brings quality and our task is plural BiH“, Silajdzic said.

President of SBiH Haris Silajdzic and also candidate at this congress for president in the next mandate period emphasized that BiH along politics has to pay attention to economy, especially energy facilities.

There were around 520 delegates in Sarajevo Youth Center Skenderija at congress of SBiH.

War members of Presidency of BiH Stjepan Kljuic, Miro Lazovic and Secretary General of VKBI and Circle 99, Emir Zlatar and Adil Kulenovic addressed delegates of the congress and wished them successful work and supported SBiH in preservation of integral BiH.

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