Saturday, September 3, 2011


SARAJEVO, September 1 (FENA) - "Entire BiH, as first president Alija Izetbegovic once said, is a big cemetery of its greatest sons. They embedded their lives in foundations of our free and democratic state in tragic, but also glorious time of defense“, member of Presidency of BiH Bakir Izetbegovic said yesterday addressing in House of Armed Forces of BiH on the occasion of Shahids' Day.

He emphasized that Shahids' day is an opportunity to remember them, with grief, but also with special pride and gratitude. Grief, because they are not with their loved ones today. Pride and gratitude, because without their sacrifice the new generations would not have been free and equal in their country Bosnia, or anywhere in this world.

"Ideals which Bosnian sons fought and died for are not fully realized. However, our country survived and is moving towards community of free and democratic states. Maybe we are not progressing as fast as most of us want to, but we are approaching the aim. On that long path, the most difficult and painful stage is behind us. However, there is a lot of difficult work ahead of us“, he said.

Izetbegovic emphasized that on that path there is no room for despond, indifference and selfishness. He emphasized there are still many of those who openly show their hostility towards BiH, those who dream of divisions and threaten with secession in vain.

"It is not easy to listen and take their insults. However, we will not fall into trap of bullies distracting us from our path of truth, democracy, tolerance and civilization values we raise our country on. Because that is exactly what they want – barren noise, fights and new feuds so we cannot move, instead of building our country and making it more beautiful and prosperous“, he stated.

He said that those "bullies" must understand that "no inch of our blood sodden country will ever be anywhere else but within boundaries of state of BiH“.

Izetbegovic assessed that this is time of integration, restoration of destroyed bridges with neighbors, time of approaching EU.

"We need a strong state, strong and united people. We cannot divide, we cannot be narrow minded and short sided. But first of all we must never betray ideals and dreams of our Shahids“, he pointed out.

Izetbegovic concluded his speech with a message that we will build a free, peaceful and prosperous BiH for all its people and citizens, for all people with good will.

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