Saturday, September 10, 2011

September my favorite month to visit Bosnia and Herzigovina and Sarajevo

September is my favorite month to visit Bosnia, the weather is warm and fantastic, yet not too hot. You miss the rush of summer tourists (yes there is now an abundance of people visiting Bosnia and rediscovering the gifts she has to offer the world). The beautiful beginning of the changes of seasons are a great reason to get to see the natural beauty she has to offer.

Also the cost of airfare is down a bit from the peak summer prices. Some of the other costs associated with travel drops off in September/October and stay low until the end of May.

Bosnia in the fall with warm days and cool nights are made for a relaxing late summer vacation. It also fits the speed of everyday life in Bosnia. I love being in Bosnia and spending time in Sarajevo and September is just the right mix of leisure and love.

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