Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Bosnia needs to not give up on Nihad Dedovic's little brother Nedim! Spain looms in his future!

It appears that another young Bosnian talent has been lost to another country abroad. It seems Spain has taken up were Slovenia left off, in the market of expropriating Bosnian talent for their own use. First Nedzad Sinanovic rejected Bosnians call to the National Team after getting his Spanish passport, now it seems they are attacking the Bosnian youth system as if they have declared war on BiH itself. Nedim Dedovic is a better pure shooter than his older brother and may prove out to be a better talent. He has been in Spain already for years honing his game, even though he is just 14 years old and came over with his brother a couple of years ago. Already accumulating MVP trophies and showing himself to be some of the best talent of his generation in the world. His game is already showing some polish for such a young player. This is were a real organization, KSBiH run by professional basketball administration and coaching would help sway the youth of Bosnia to remain in the country. If Teoman Alibegovic, Gordan Firic, Nenad Markovic, Svetislav Pesic or Bogdan Tanjevic were running KSBiH I think the response of players would be much different. The officials who run KSBiH and the youth system are arrogant and incompetent, don't they realise the difference between having Nedim Dedovic, Sandro Gacic, Adnan Omeragic could be the difference between being the best in Europe and also rans just hoping to get into Eurobasket and winning a game. Bosnia could be one of the top teams in Europe (top 6 easily) and should compete for an Olympic birth every time. If Macedonia showed anything it should be how an organization can rise above individual talent with just a couple of quality players but with solid coaching and organization.

Bosnia faces not only the loss of Nedim Dedovic but also the giant talent of Sandro Gacic who so far has rebuffed the calls from Spain to join there country. Adnan Omeragic has also agreed to join the Spanish teams and the loss of the 6'8" young talent is a big loss for BiH. If Bosnia isn't organized properly it could lose Sandro as well in time.  Along with these three are a couple of quality talent in the US high school and Canadian school systems. All together they could form a golden generation of Bosnian basketball but it seems that it will be lost, like so many other opportunities in BiH.

Spain is building an amazing pipeline to the Balkans getting players like Nikola Mirotic who has lottery pick talent and was a first round pick of the Chicago Bulls leading them into the future. As well as these great young Bosnian talents, you can't fault them for exploiting the weakness inherant in Bosnian basketball. If these players weren't getting exploited by Spain these Bosnian officials would be doing the same thing. They don't deserve these level of talents, let alone lead the Bosnian National Team. It is offensive to have these represenitives of BiH who in reality serve as the arm of Serbia and Beobasket get the oppertunity to lead the team. It is time for change in BiH in the structure and leadership the team and country currently enjoys. Everytime you wonder what the leadership of KSBiH is, remember that Milan Milosevic represented the National Team in Eurobasket this year, even though he hasn't held a job with a team for a full season since leaving Bosnia years ago. He does have the one connection that does matter though, he is represented by Serbia, Beobasket and Raznatovic.

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