Monday, September 12, 2011

My 3 year old Dejan declares "I want to go to a Bosnian school!"

My wife asked Dejan were he wants to go to school next year and his replay was " I want to go to Bosnian school"!
A sweet gesture, I am sure Dejan knew would draw a positive response from his parents. Unfortunately there are no Bosnian schools here in Milwaukee and I wouldn't want to send him to a Serbian school were they would teach him Draza Mihalovic is a hero and Tito a criminal.
I guess we will just have to settle for a another school here and give Dejan some cultural experiences until then. I would love for him to spend a summer at the American University in Sarajevo when he is a teenager.


  1. good people.. wish you al the best things in your life.. Bosna voli vas !!
    Greetings from a Bosnian

  2. Don't send him to a foreign school, especially Bosnian because that education-degree will not get him anywhere.
    Tito was not as good as you read about, I suggest you watch the documentary Tito's Ghosts, but even that documentary missed a lot of the negative aspects of his regime.

  3. selam and all the best to you all!
    bosnia loves you