Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bosnia will be competing in U16 Basketball tournament Division B this week!

Bosnia's U16 men's basketball team will be competing this week in the Division B championship held in Macedonia this week. It doesn't look very promising since some of the biggest Bosnian talents Sandro Gacic, Nedim Dedovic (Nihad's little brother) and about 5 other top level talents that others have been recruiting will not participate.
Bosnia consistently doesn't place it's top talent in this tournament, preferring to "showcase" players who will not be professionals as a favor to their friends and colleagues. Bosnian officials lack of transparency in the selection process and the nepotism generally is alarming for those who love Bosnia and their basketball talent. As usual they seem to be going into this tournament without a plan or a professional development profile of selection, coaching and player development.

If you look back on previous youth selection teams for Bosnia, it is embarrassing the players they call to represent them internationally. It is usually amateur hour were players with little talent fill out the last 7-9 spots on the team. Even playing time seems to be divided up on a loyalty reward basis, rather than who is best qualified or who would benefit from the exposure and playing time in international setting. It seems Bosnian officials are resigned to that this will be another wasted year for young talent in Bosnia and it appears to not bother them at all. It is a travesty against those who want to see Bosnia in best possible shape, with the best players representing them and giving maximal effort every game.

Their group D is definitely winnable once again against the likes of Denmark, Belguim, Estonia and Israel but we shall see if this is just another embarrassing moment for Bosnia and her officials who don't realize their organization of basketball is a joke. The lack of participation of true basketball professionals like Teoman Alibegovic, Gordan Firic, Nenad Markovic, Samir Seleskovic and so many others tells you what you need to know about the representation of Bosnia.

I will recap the tournament and players after it is over...

If you are tired of how Bosnian officials run the National teams please email them and let them know your feelings...


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