Wednesday, July 13, 2011

My home Sarajevo photo contest! Excellent photography of Sarajevo Bosnia!

FIRMA project supports competition for "My Sarajevo Photo"
A dynamic new web site and ongoing photo competition launched in Sarajevo on July 7 will unite citizens, visitors and the tourism industry in a scheme aimed at creating a database of high-quality photos for promoting Sarajevo as a tourism destination.

Branding Sarajevo requires strong promotional materials with top-notch photographs, and this new web site,, will provide the BiH tourism industry with a free database of at least 2,500 high-quality photos capturing different aspects of life in Sarajevo.

The "My Sarajevo Photo" project represents one of the activities defined in the cooperation agreement between the City of Sarajevo and the USAID-Sida FIRMA Project that was signed in January 2011. The idea for the project was originated by one of FIRMA's implementing partners, Sarajevo Navigator, whose primary goal is to put Sarajevo on the tourism map.

"'My Sarajevo Photo' is a project with which Sarajevo Navigator, in cooperation with the City of Sarajevo, starts working on the branding of Sarajevo as a tourism destination," said Nedim Lipa of Sarajevo Navigator at a press conference on July 7. "With this project, we aim to present an image of Sarajevo as seen through the eyes of its citizens as well as its visitors," he said, while also thanking the USAID-Sida FIRMA Project for its support.

At the heart of this project is an ongoing public web competition for the best photo of Sarajevo. The photos will be published on the website, which is connected with the social network Facebook, where people can rate and comment on them. All the photos will be stored in a database with view and search options, while the latest submissions and those with the most Facebook votes will be more prominently placed on the web site.

"We expect this activity to contribute to tourists’ decisions to visit the city, while building a sense of pride and belonging among its citizens. The people of Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as tourists will be able to participate in the monthly competition for the best photo of Sarajevo, and the photos will then be available for use by tourism stakeholders," said David King, Chief of Party of the USAID-Sida FIRMA Project, at the press conference.

The photos will also be rated by a jury comprising prominent BiH photographers, as well as the students from the “Short Course in Photography”, which organizes photography exhibitions in the "Dom Mladih" amphitheater in Sarajevo on the 15th of every month. 

The combination of votes will determine the selection of the best photo for each month. The photographer will be awarded a prize, provided by project co-sponsor Olympus, and the winning photo will be published on, on the Facebook group page “Moja slika Sarajeva”, in the monthly city guide Sarajevo Navigator and on, the most visited BiH web news portal.

Early next year, the overall winner of the 2011 competition will be selected and, along with the 50 other most successful photos, will be presented to the general public at an exhibition to be held on the occasion of April 6, 2012.

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