Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Serbian facists put up posters of support for Ratko Mladic for committing genocide in Srebrenica

Posters of support to Ratko Mladic in Belgrade
Activists of the fascist-terrorist Association "Serbian National Movement 1389 – Ours 1389" from Belgrade put the posters  throughout Serbia with the image of the war crime accused Ratko Mladic, in which they congratulate "liberation of ‘Serbian town’ of Srebrenica from Muslim terrorists".

In a media announcement this Chetnik movement asks for release of Ratko Mladic from the Hague Tribunal, claiming that “nobody can take away victory in Srebrenica and RS from Mladic”.

Reaction of Serbian Prosecutor's Office is yet to be seen since right this institution initiated the adoption of the ban on activities of the mentioned fascist association, on September 25th 2009.

Members of Association "Women in Black" were their target when they were attacked by smoke bombs.

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