Wednesday, July 27, 2011

McDonald's New working place for the only street shoe-cleaner in Sarajevo, Bosnia

New working place for the only street shoe-cleaner in Sarajevo

Uncle Miso is very famous in Bosnia, so famous that some Bosnian government officials bought him a flat (an apartment) a few years back to reward him for his dedication to his craft and for being a symbol of Sarajevo.
Uncle Miso, famous living legend from Sarajevo who is the only street shoe-cleaner in Sarajevo, remained at his working place after opening of the first McDonald's restaurant in Sarajevo.

Miso is one of the most famous symbols of Sarajevo. He has been cleaning shoes at the location in front of current McDonald's and former Express restaurant for 60 years.

Miso was born on December 22nd 1931. Sarajevo was being built and destroyed in front of him. He has never left his working place, not even during the war-time period.

Miso's „working place“, located in the street in front of McDonald's, is now the tidiest since the time when he set up his shoe-cleaning bench several decades ago.

The legendary shoe cleaner was afraid that he would be banished from his working place in front of the luxury restaurant. Therefore, Miso requested owner of McDonald's franchise in Sarajevo, Haris Ihtijarevic, to sign the guarantee that Miso's working place will not be destroyed and that he will not be proclaimed for surplus „labor force“.

Miso does not complain due to shining new restaurant and all-time crowd and queues. He is only thinking how it would be if people would be waiting in such queues in front of his „shop“.

„People are giving me everything; sandwiches, hamburgers, fried potatoes, it is called pommes frites, isn't it. They are giving me everything to eat. I am very happy“, Miso said.

He said that former and current politicians also greet him when they are passing by in Titova Street.

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