Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Bosnians well represented at Fiba U19 World basketball championships, even though Bosnian team isn't there!

Bosnia is well represented at the FIBA world basketball championships, unfortunately it is through two other countries that are playing Australia and Croatia.

The three Bosnians playing are interesting prospects that are getting some serious exposure, many for the first time really on the international stage. Teams sometimes (like Serbia for example) stash their best players and don't send them in this competition.

Croatia is fielding a seriously interesting team led by two of the best prospects to come out of Europe in awhile Dario Saric and Mario Hezonja. Dario is a multi-skilled big man who can rebound, pass and shoot. His handle is good but he is very turnover prone at this point and is often tries to make the spectacular play instead of the right one. Hezonija is a very good shooter and a great athlete which is surprising for a guy coming out of Europe.

Australia is always a fundamentally sound team that doesn't boast the same firepower of a Serbia, USA or Croatia but will be competitive just the same.

Boris Barac                    6’9”   1992 F/C
Stanko Barac's little brother is a very strong prospect who likes to shoot and has no problem mixing it up. He could end up being a boderline NBA prospect down the line, just like his brother.
Igor HADZIOMEROVIC  6’5’’   1992 SG
A deadly shooter who has really shown some skill so far in this tournament. Bosnia would be smart to try to convince him to come home and play for the Bosnian senior team. He could be a key player on a pretty good team.
Marko Ramljak               6’7”   1993 SF
Another player who comes from good bloodlines and has a shooters range out to the 3 point line. He will end up becoming a pretty good European level player.

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