Sunday, July 24, 2011

Bosnian post, the worst in the world? They get my vote!

(the watch the BH POSTA stole from my friend was like this with the silver face if you see that as#hole wearing my friends watch in Bosnia, please contact me or my friend in Sarajevo I will give a small reward for it's safe return)
There are some terrible post offices in the world, even in Europe Italy, France and Lithuania come right to mind. None of those in my opinion are as bad as Bosnian BH POSTA who have managed to "lose" two registered packages I have sent to friends in the last few years. Now granted, I haven't shipped to every country in the world, actually I have only shipped to about 40 max so we are talking about 16% of the worlds nations I have shipped to. But I have shipped to pretty much every developed first or second world nation and have touched on a few third world ones too.
Bosnia BH POSTA has "lost" quite a few packages of mine, around 10 out of 100 so an attrition rate of about 10% from my perspective. The most amazing aspect is it is a tiny country of under 4 million, the size of a mid sized European city, not even the size of Chicago.
I have never had a registered package go missing that I had sent anywhere in the world except for Bosnia. Not only has it happened once there, but actually twice! These packages are signed for every step of the way and are kept in a controlled area liked locked cabinet as they move around the globe. This hasn't deterred people who work at the BH POSTA from stealing them and no one doing anything about it. Registered is the most secure way of sending a package, yet both times all the response I have gotten from BH POSTA is "the package was never delivered" well I know that! One of your Post employees stole it! You could find out if you cared, but I think they rather think instead of paying their employees a living wage, letting them lift an occasional package from abroad that isn't there's is a better option. Last year when I was in BiH there was a big story of a Postal employee who was stealing tons of mail from people for years before he got caught.
I have heard that BH POSTA employees regularly steal mail from abroad thinking it is ex pats sending cash to their relatives. All I was sending was a Android watch to a friend, it was a really cool watch with a steel band, a leather band and a band that you can change it into a pocket watch it is the same one as the one shown in the foto. I think your a total piece of sh#t if you steal peoples packages from abroad that they send to their friends and family but that's just me...
I would warn anyone that using Bosnian BH POSTA is a bad idea, use any service but them or risk it all as they don't really care about you or your family or friends.

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