Saturday, July 2, 2011


A sad day in the history of Bosnian basketball, KK Sloboda dita Tuzla is about to fold. The team is over 4 million KM in debt, such a large sum that the team can't recover. The team has dissolved, the players will be released from their contracts and be free to sign anywhere. The team will re-organize as a division 2 team in Bosnia.
It is a real shame that the three main traditional teams in Bosnia, KK BOSNA ASA, KK CELIK ZENICA and KK SLOBODA DITA TUZLA find themselves in such a terrible financial situation. Zenica a couple of years ago, went thru a similar restructuring and now this with Sloboda, which was one of the best run franchises in Bosnia. KK BOSNA is in serious trouble as well, as KK Triland is developing a strong team and is well organized and funded in Sarajevo. All three teams are in bad financial and organizational shape. KSBiH has repeated over the years that privatizing the league would make no difference, which seems absurd after so many problems within the last few years.
In many ways Sloboda Dita was the best run model team in all of Bosnia, playing at a high level despite such a limited budget. They also received large transfer fees over the years since they developed so much young talent. Players like Miralem Halilovic, Jasmin Hukic, Mirza Teletovic, Damir Mulaomerovic, Asim (Pascanovic) Pars, Elemdin Kikanovic, Selimir Husanovic and Ramiz Suljanovic.
A large pool of Bosnian talent is now free to join other teams Mirza Hrnicic, Andrej Tomic (7'2" young center), Mirza Bulic (best young player on the team), Enes Latifigic and Ifran Hodzic will be attractive to other teams.

One of the most awarded and celebrated BH basketball teams, a team of Tuzla Liberty, located in front gašanjem.

Slobodina debt climbed the last few years to as many as four million KM, which has created a situation in which this club can not function normally.

At this point, probably the only way to save this sport is its collective gašanje under its current name, and  new club, with a new name, who started the competition from the lowest rank, A-2 league of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

 Freedom was and still is a basketball icon, not only to Tuzla, but also the whole of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the team that produced many great basketball names during its rich history.  Today the situation is completely different and we are on the verge of losing any one of the brands B & H Sports.

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  1. As i know, KK Triland is about to fold too :S