Thursday, February 2, 2012

(27) Bosnia twenty years later a story from Sarajevo of loss and survival

(Sarajevo Siege)

1) Do you remember where were you when you realized the war was imminent?
 I was in Sarajevo with his parents and brother. I was 18 years old. Mama and I went to the airport in May 1992. Trying to catch the last plane, but we returned home from the airport because we could not leave my father and brother, who was then 19 years.
2) Do you remember where you were when the war broke out? We stayed in Sarajevo in my apartment

3) Where were you when the war came to your town? In my own apartment in Sarajevo

4) The most memorable event of the war for you was? When they burned down our building in the Olympic street in Sarajevo, which our apartment was in. Then they burned all our personal items, clothing, furniture, all photographs, diaries, scrapbook ... All of my memories that I had up to 18 years.

5) What made you hopeless during the war? When I lost my 3 best friends.

6) What gave you hope during the war? Nadu gave us world news. We listened to the radio at night and expect "the world" to react and stop the war.

7) Did you lose anyone close to you during the war? I have not lost anyone in my immediate family. Killed my 2 best friends, and killed at least 10 more people I know personally for years (neighbors, acquaintances, comrades from the same street, another school ...)

8) Were you wounded during the war? Where were you wounded? I was wounded two times. The first time the bomb fell next to me and my friends. He died, and I was wounded in the arm and leg.Another time I was injured while working at the state television BHTV.

9) Your biggest loss during the war was? The greatest loss is my friends.

10) What was the hardest part about the war? The hardest thing was that we were hungry, without water, electricity, without heat, without being able to wash the laundry and to maintain regular hygiene because we had no water. We get used to it so that we poured the water by public fountains and brought home in canisters at 10-20 liters.
11) Did you leave the country during the war? I did not.

12) 20 years later, what do you think of what happened? I do not think about the war. I want to forget, as if it never happened. I do not watch war movies, documentaries, do not read war books and I am surprised at all that you ask these questions:)Now when you think about it, just can not believe I have so lived like that for 4 years. I think this was one of najbesmislenijih wars in the Balkans. Through the night the boys from the same street have become mortal enemies who had 18-19 years, and they shot at each other. Today again (those who survived) once happy and mostly polite greetings. Many of them today work together in the same companies.

13) Are things better or worse than what you expected 20 years later? Things are much worse than I could possibly imagine in the war. In Bosnia today, at least price fighters and those who would defend. Every day we have the case samospaljivanja in Sarajevo before the government building. All persons who wish to kill, were in the war in Bosnia active participants.

14) Do you think war will return to BiH? I do not know the answer to this question. The first time I stayed in the war in Bosnia during the war 1992nd year because we are all saying that "there will be no war." Taught by experience, now that I should not say. But I'd certainly among the first to leave Bosnia to re-start the slightest conflict. Now I have children and would never again left.

15) What do you think the future of BiH will be? People are disappointed with the political situation in BiH. I think that the current politicians and parties that the elections will receive only the nationalist rhetoric, the future of BiH is very bad. At least my generation, the current balance of power, will remember better.

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