Thursday, February 9, 2012

(31) Bosnia twenty years later a girls story from Bosanska Dubica

(Bosanska Dubica)

1) Do you remember where were you when you realized the war was imminent? At home, watching TV in Bosanka Dubica

2) Do you remember where you were when the war broke out? At home

3) Where were you when the war came to your town? At home, in the kitchen with my Grandma

4) The most memorable event of the war for you was? I actually have two memorable events. The first one was when we (my brother, my father, my grandfather and myself) were at my aunt and uncle’s house and my uncle came running in saying that the Serbians were looking for Bosniak men (younger men such as my father) to take with them. My grandfather rushed to get us home while my father went to hide. The second most memorable event was when we were on the bus, leaving Bosnia, and at the Croatia border, everyone had to exit the bus, so they could search us. Once we were allowed back on, they kept my father outside and told him to take everything off. I cannot imagine how humiliating that must have been for him. I started crying because I was looking for my father and the bus driver started laughing and said “they took him away!” I will never forget how scared I was and I still can’t believe someone would laugh about that. He was finally let back on the bus. What really happened outside with my father, I don’t know.

5) What made you hopeless during the war? Slowly losing everything we had and my family worked so hard for. It didn't seem to end. I wondered what (or who) was next.

6) What gave you hope during the war? My family

7) Did you lose anyone close to you during the war? No, fortunately not.

8) Were you wounded during the war? Where were you wounded? I was not wounded..Physically. My brother however, had a knife stuck to his throat at school, by another second grader. My father was also wounded when he was taken to the woods, but luckily, escaped.

9) Your biggest loss during the war was? Everything we had. We arrived in Germany with 1 bag. Luckily we still had ourselves.

10) What was the hardest part about the war?  We struggled to have food and water, also sensing my family’s fear. Looking back, I have realized how much time I wasn’t able to spend with my family throughout the years. Birthdays, events, etc. were all missed. I still get extremely sad when other people have pictures or things from their childhood, or memories with family that I wasn’t able to create because of the war. It’s almost as if I lost a sense of belonging.

11) Did you leave the country during the war? Yes, 2 years after the war started.

12) 20 years later, what do you think of what happened? It was such a useless and preventable war. It created a lot of pain and anger that shouldn’t exist. I know all about greed and selfishness because of it now.

13) Are things better or worse than what you expected 20 years later? Things could always be worse. But I think that the government definitely needs to pull their things together so people can have a proper future with no reminders of that war.

14) Do you think war will return to BiH? With the whole world watching, I don’t think so. At least I hope not.

15) What do you think the future of BiH will be? If the government decides to finally do what’s right, then the future of BiH will be good. If not, then I honestly have no idea. But I hope for the best. The people have been through enough.

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