Monday, February 28, 2011

Apartment block loris located on the frontlines in Sarajevo dividing the city

This is the apartment block loris located in Sarajevo. It was  on the frontlines directly across the street from the Serbian held stadium Grbavica. Grbavica stadium was captured along with the suburb of Grbavica and was the HQ for Serbian special forces. It was the staging area for major attacks on the city of Sarajevo and Loris was their thorn in the side.
Serbian special forces placed explosives at the base of the balconies facing the stadium one night in a daring raid and collapsed them. They were hoping in would stop the relentless sniping into the stadium and surrounding areas. It was only a partial success but left the building in shambles. The building was shelled and shot at incessantly. They fixed the front side facing the stadium but only partially the sides after the war.

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  1. That's the risks of fighting or war have a collateral damage not only human life but also in the Hotel Establishment like this.