Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Sarajevo roses Bosnia remembers the innocent victims of the Siege

Sarajevo roses are as important as a memorial in Sarajevo as the Berlin Wall is in Berlin. The Sarajevo roses as they are known are motar impacts that killed civillians in Sarajevo during the siege. They have filled them in with red clay to memorialize the innocent victims of the indiscriminate shelling of the people in Sarajevo who died during the war. You will notice these all over the city, it is a sad chapter in the legacy of Sarajevo.
The top photo is a Sarajevo rose, the other two pictures are of motar impacts that you can see all over Sarajevo. I notice less and less of the motar impacts though everytime I am in Sarajevo, which is a good thing. I think they should save the Sarajevo roses for ever though. It is ironic calling it a rose and a bit surreal, giving the black nature of Bosnian humor and the sad truth of what happened during the war it is a great way to remember those innocents who lost their lives. Just as Berlin authorities now regret tearing down so much of the wall, I believe Sarajevo authorities would regret if they ever lost these monuments to the innocent victims of the war.

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