Friday, February 4, 2011


Celebici Bosnia, if you google this little Bosnian town you are more likely to hear about it's infamous recent history as this town housed a notorious camp that held Bosnian Serbs. I don't think you can even find this little town in most tourism books (sorry Tim Clancy). Celebici is located in municipality of Konjics on the road from Sarajevo to Mostar, don't blink after passing through Konjics or you will miss it. It is not to be missed though. Off of the main bridge, lays a little dirt road that if you follow about 1 kilometer down the river you will find a charming little restaurant. Fresh trout swim in the water that comes from a natural spring located right through a cave behind the inn.It has a beautiful view and is a great little place to take a rest and enjoy some company with friends. Not as famous or well known as Blagaj or Verlo Bosna, the fact that it is hidden and you can get right up to the mouth of the river rather easily, is a rather special treat though. The fresh trout, cooked with salt and olive oil is out of the world and is a fantastic treat. Bosnia is filled with these kind of magical out of the way places. The next time we travel to Bosnia I plan on spending less time in cities like Sarajevo, Mostar and Tuzla and more time at these little out of the way miracles that make Bosnia, the heart shape country in Europe, so special.

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