Tuesday, February 1, 2011


One of the most memorable stories of the Siege of Sarajevo was the tale of this building which held the production facilities of the Klas bakery which practically fed the entire city. The Serbian VRS shelled the bakery (in an obvious attack on the civilian population in Sarajevo) with incendiary shells and burned it to the ground. Many of my friends said this was the worst day of the war for them. The building was tall enough for most of the city to see it was on fire and burning down. They knew this would mean the end of the main source of food in Sarajevo and the only source of bread for the city. Fortunately they saved most of the yeast and production continued on a smaller scale. This picture was taken in 2002 and the scars from the shelling, like most in the city, is now completely gone from sight and now only exists in the minds of the people who survived and remember and those captured  it on film.

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