Friday, February 11, 2011

Vrelo Bosna Sarajevo gem located just outside of the city a Bosnian treasure

Vrelo Bosna (spring of Bosnia) a stunning little park just outside Sarajevo is another unique aspect of life in Sarajevo. The river  Željeznica is born out of a natural spring in the side of the mountain Igman, this beautiful park is one of the best landmarks in the Sarajevo region.
Located in Ilidža, before the entrance to the park you come across a Roman settlement that is still being excavated. Also there is a collection of Austro-Hungarian hotels named after each Yugoslav republic there as well and is a stunning site. This was a location of the UN HQ for a time during the war. The park and surrounding areas was heavily contested during the war, as the control of water pumping facilities is located near the park. The side of Igman is still littered with landmines but the park itself and common areas are very safe. Any areas were there are still landmines are well marked and it is easy to stay away from them.
There is a walkway of about 1 mile of a tree lined boulevard to get to the park, it is worth it though, as it is quite beautiful. Or you can take a horse drawn carriage (beware you will pay more if you are not Bosnian, so if you have a Bosnian friend with, let them negotiate the price for you). The walkway to the park is amazing site with some beautiful old mansions and natural beauty for nature lovers this place is a must see.
They say if you drink from the river you shall return to Bosnia.

Also the Roman Bridge is located in Ilidza and was made of original Roman stones and is a must see.

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