Friday, February 18, 2011

Sarajevo maternity ward Shelled and destroyed in 1992

One of the worst sights in Bosnia was this one, the sight of the Sarajevo maternity ward shelled and destroyed in 1992 by the Serbian army. The maternity ward was one of the best facilities in Bosnia at the time of it's destruction. For anyone still wondering if the war was fair or civil this is all the proof you need. Anyone who attacks pregnant women and children in hospitals, there is something fundamentally wrong with them. The fact the hospital was attacked while full of pregnant women and newborn babies is beyond comprehension for people in the civilised world. Many women and newborn babies were killed when this happened, the hospital was located right on the front lines between government and rebel Serb held territory and saw some of the most vicious fighting during the war.
The maternity ward finally reopened last year after 18 years. Never forget, always remember mans inhumanity towards man and what can happen when you unleash the most uncivilised among us to do the horrible deeds that are done in wartime. Always remember the victims of the longest siege in modern history, the Siege of Sarajevo and all of her people.


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