Monday, February 14, 2011

Travnik, stunning little town in central Bosnia is a can't miss

Travnik is one of my favorite towns in central Bosnia along with Jajce. located between Zenica and Jajce it is a gem with great natural beauty. Travnik was the Ottoman capital of Bosnia and it's Ottoman castle (pictured) is still in great condition. The view of the city and surrounding mountains is stunning from inside it's walls. There is a pit inside the fortress which is a stunning reminder of how justice was disposed of in Europe a few hundred years ago.Down underneath the fortress is a running stream that comes out of a spring in the side of the mountain and is a can't miss treasure (pictured). The town itself is in good condition and has some interesting parks and a famous mosque known as the painted mosque.
Travnik suffered heavily during the war as it and surrounding towns faced ethnic division and fighting between both the the Serbs and the Croats as well as the Bosnians. The ethnic composition of the town and some of it's character has changed forever, I am afraid. I was heartened to see a tour bus from Serbia the last time I was in the town though, so some hopes remain.
Travnik is a great place for a half a day trip or just a stop off for some pictures and sightseeing. It's not on par with some other famous towns but is a great stop off if you are travelling from Sarajevo to Jajce. Central Bosnia is really stunning with it's rolling hills, mountains and pristine rivers.

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