Thursday, August 4, 2011

Angelina Jolie Brad Pitt at the SFF Angelina declares " I LOVE THIS COUTNRY"!

"I love this country more than you can imagine, it is fantastic. I love the people here, I made some wonderful friends and it is honor to be in Sarajevo and BiH“ Angelina Jolie declared as she received the heart of Sarajevo prize at the Sarajevo Film Festival.

I Always loved Angelina Jolie, I even had the chance to see her about 10 years ago while she was filming in Montreal. I always thought that this would be someone, if given the opportunity to see Bosnia and meet it's beautiful, kind people, she would fall in love like me and so many others have.

Bono and U2 are the most famous backers of the multi-cultural Bosnian state. Hated so much for the positive attention brought to Bosnia by Bono, RS Representatives wanted to revoke his Honorary Bosnian passport, given to him by Alija Izetbegovic for his support of the country during the war.

You fall into two categories when you go to Bosnia, you either love the place or hate it and little else. I met Richard Gere, Terrance Howard and Diane Kruger when they were filming Hunting party a few years ago. Richard Gere and I talked about our mutual experiences relating to Bosnia and he asked me some questions about the country. I was surprised when I found out later he was terrified of the aura of the country and it's reputation. Richard Gere could have been another advocate for the State of Bosnia, at last he seemed more like Bianca Jaguar than Susan Sontag.

Many famous celebrities attached themselves to Bosnia during the war Micheal Jackson, Bono and U2, Luciano Pavarotti, David Bowie, Sting, Susan Sontag, Annie Leibowitz, Christian Amanpour, Anderson Cooper and practically every news reporter of any consequence landed on the tarmac at Sarajevo airport, filed a report and fled immediately adding gravitas to their news reporter chops...Not quite Dan Rather in the bush in Vietnam but as close to it as many of these reporters ever would get. The most embarrassing example was Bianca Jaguar, who flew into Sarajevo under much fanfare, paraded around the city putting it's people at great risk by drawing attention to herself and big crowds (always an inviting target to the hunters in the hills, as crowds made easy prey) and generally making a great spectacle of herself. She then left without doing anything for Bosnia except expending massive resources of the Bosnian government during wartime to protect her and put her on a parade display. She followed this up by doing nothing for the Bosnian people except attaching herself to the cause like a giant blood sucking leech.

In a world of selfish individuals driven by personal goals, Hollywood and her actors and actresses often represent the worst of society from the fist pumping morons of Jersey shore, who's only redeeming qualities is to make sad pathetic people feel better about their lives because their not as bad as these morons. To the famous for being famous crowd of human waste called the Hiltons, Kardashians and others who manage to overstay their 15 minutes of fame even though they are devoid of talent and have as much depth of character as a slug. It is nice to see genuine people who genuinely care about their fellow man, who make use of their celebrity to bring attention to people who have been forgotten, ignored, humiliated, tortured and neglected all because of were they were born, what their last names are or what government or leaders hold sway over life and death for them.

For all the people who don't have a voice, a blog, a twitter account or access to bring media attention to their plight, I just want to say thank you Brad and Angelina, you have brought a human face of compassion to the people of Bosnia and have shown once again what makes Bosnia and her people so special. You both are great ambassadors for not only Hollywood and America but all of humanity. Maybe there is hope for us after all, if there were just more of us and less Kardashians...Personally I wouldn't trade one Bosnian for 1,000 Kardashians, 10,000 Hiltons or 100,000 Lohans...The world would be a better place if people just knew a little more, cared a little more and loved a little more.

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